Saturday, 5 June 2010


World Cup Fever is in full swing across the globe and the final countdown well and truly on, with squads and fans arriving in South Africa for the showpiece event of world sport.

The opening match between the host nation and Mexico is only 150 hours away and will kick-off the tournament which will see 64 matches played over a period of 31 days.

In five weeks time the world will be reflecting on the triumph and heartache of the semi-finals, and building up to match number 64 which will determine the nation who will enjoy the status of World Champions for the next four years.

For the hosts South Africa this is the culmination of a dream which began six years ago when they were awarded the World Cup, beating Egypt and Morocco for the right to host the tournament - the first to take place on African soil.

For the other 31 competing nations there are a range of expectations and dreams; for some, a victory in the group stages would represent an admirable acheivement, for others, a place in the second round. And for one or two nations, only the winning of the greatest prize in sport would satisfy the dreams and expectations of delirious fans.

The colour, pride, passion and drama of the World Cup is almost upon us again, and there truly is nothing to compare. They call it the greatest show on earth. Let the show begin.

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