Monday, 1 November 2010



1. Portugal and Greece played the opening match and met again in the Final. Who were the other two teams - who failed to qualify for the knock-out stages - in Group A?

2. Who missed a penalty for England in their group match against France?

3. Who was the tournament's top scorer and how many goals did he score?

4. How many goals did eventual winners Greece score in the tournament?

5. Which two sides exited the tournament on penalties?

6. Group D was considered the 'group of death', containing Germany, Holland, the Czech Republic and which other team?

7. Who scored the winning goal for Greece in the Final against the hosts and favourites Portugal?

8. Which two sides top-scored in the group stages with eight goals apiece?

9. Only one team qualified from the group stages with the maximum nine points. Who were they?

10. Which goalkeeper scored the winning penalty in a quarter-final shootout?

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