Friday, 1 October 2010



1. Euro 2012, to be held in Poland and the Ukraine, will complete how many Euro tournaments that have taken place?

2. How many different winners of the Euros have there been?

3. In which year did 16 teams take part in the Finals for the first time?

4. Which country held the first ever European Championships and how many teams took part in the final tournament?

5. Which is the only Scandinavian side to be crowned European Champions and what was remarkable about their victory?

6. Of the five European sides who have won the World Cup, which is the only one never to have won the Euros?

7. How many times have Germany played in a European Championship Final?

8. Following a 0-0 draw between hosts Italy and the Soviet Union in the 1968 semi-final, how was the outcome of the game determined?

9. What was unique about the opening match and the Final of Euro 2004?

10. Which former World Cup winning captain led Italy - as manager - to the Final of Euro 2000?

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